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Floor installation services from Greater Hartford to Vermont

Who said hardwood floors were hard to take care of? We certainly didn't. At J.T.'s Floor Refinishing, we offer every service you need to keep your hardwood floors looking amazing and provide a safe, durable surface for your family to walk on, even in bare feet. From initial installation, to sanding, re-coating, staining and restoration, call us for one-stop service!

Step away from the carpet

At J.T.'s Floor Refinishing, we hate to see a perfectly good hardwood floor get covered up by wall to wall carpet. If your hardwood floor shows signs of water damage, pet stains, or a wayward skateboard, we can undo the damage and get your hardwood floors ready to shine and show again. Call today for a free estimate on solutions for your wood flooring damage or wear!

We couldn't do it without them

J.T.'s Floor Refinishing deals exclusively in Copperbeech Millwork products or we can install your own flooring. This Greenfield-based company offers the widest variety of wood species in both pre-finished and unfinished lots. They welcome custom orders and are the most competitively-priced supplier we've found. Naturally, we pass the savings on to you!

Out of the darkness, into the light

Dark hardwood floors may have been in vogue when your home was first built, but it's not your cup of tea. Don't give up on it. Call J.T.'s Floor Refinishing!

We can sand your hardwood floors down to their raw state, and re-stain it with a color that's more to your liking. We work with MinWax brand stains, or can offer "greener" alternatives.
Amazing flooring installation in Springfield, MA
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